About us

How It All Began

We were born out of a desire to provide brands with the quality creative services they need in order to stay ahead. Blue Waters Marketing was established by Jon Madden in 2009. Jon's vision of bringing together local journalism into the hands of sports fans was the basis of our business model. The company makes it possible for all fans to follow their favorite local publication across town, across the country or across the world.

By partnering with sports leagues and  media & journal  publication companies, we implement a "cross-marketing" model that greatly benefits all participants; The journal publications, the sports leagues, and sports fans. 

As an events marketing company with focus on sports events venues, we have created a truly "one-of-a-kind" business marketing model! 

Although our marketing model is unique, it is also flexible and is customized for each one of our partners. To learn more about this unique synergy-building model, contact Jon Madden. 

The Leader In Multimedia Marketing

Blue Waters Marketing is a marketing and sales acquisitions group that specializes in event and kiosk sales at sporting and community venues and retail locations. We have an established national program and currently partner with the LA Times, in addition to several major local-area publications that are part of the following companies: Bay Area News Group, Hearst Corporation, Gannett Company, and The McClatchy Company. Our track record for success is well known within the media industry.

Our Team

Jon Madden

President / CEO

Phone: (925)565-9099

Email: Jon_Madden@bwmevents.com

Enrique Moreno

Inventory Manager 

Phone: (760)532-6170

Email: Enrique_Moreno@bwmevents.com

Events Sales and Markeing

Driving sales

Our event sales program is designed to target potential new subscribers at high  trafficked sporting games, specialized  events, expositions etc. Clients provide us with promotional pricing to encourage customer trial.  As an added incentive,  we offer the customer a complimentary gift on our client’s behalf just for giving the product a   try. The complimentary  gift is co - branded to promote the venue hosting the event ,   and your company  –   further endorsing your brand to the  public. Currently, Blue Waters Marketing operates within several professional sporting venues within the MLB, NFL,  NBA , AFL, NHL, and MLS organizations, as well as at many top colleges (e.g. football, basketball, baseball, and hockey).    

Representing our clients

We have continued to build and maintain strong relationships with our sports teams and their fans. Our staff understands that once they put on their uniforms, they are on the front line representing not just Blue Waters, but more importantly our clients.

"We have worked with Blue Waters for a number of years and their staff is always well prepared and consumer friendly. They know how to maximize the arena experience for the fan and for the arena. I highly recommend Blue Waters."

Joe Heyer

Advertising Executive 

NBC Sports/Comcast SportsNet 

Philadelphia Flyers

Kiosk Sales

Exceeding Sales Goals

Testimonial about recent grocery store success

Stores & Customers

By giving gift cards to new subscribers and educating them on the store's weekly ads and coupons, we do an amazing job in generating extra revenue for the stores we partner with.      

As a courtesy to the customers, our representatives are happy to hand out  complimentary beverages, and snacks, especially those promoted in weekly specials. We always provide a valuable, positive attitude in greeting and meeting walk-in traffic.

Happy long-term subscribers

Our experienced staff members know how to communicate the value of the newspaper to customers, paving the way for excellent retention rates.